This Nintendo Project Café video, aka Wii 2, is probably a fake

This could very well be a fake: few people with way too much time on their hands trying to get press buzz and fool the public. I’m saying this right off the bat so it is entirely clear that this video is neither confirmed nor denied by Nintendo. Apparently this video is of a private developer demo of the next Nintendo console prototype, codenamed Project Café. The design so far does fit the rumors that have been floating around the internet the last few weeks so it isn’t that far fetched of a concept. The video shows a GameCube-esque controller with a screen smack dab in the middle. However, there is strong evidence that this video is a fake, particularly because the design in the video looks so damn similar to the fake 4chan mock-up as reported by Kotaku in April. So take this video with a grain of salt and remember, E3 is just a month away.

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