It’s back! The Return of Sony’s PSN

Let's see how this goes
As of 12:03AM PST, Sony says we can all get back to BlackOps.

After a night of drinking I come for a round of MvC3 and find out that I need an update before the game can load. WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! IS IT BACK FOR REAL?! Well after a quick check on Playstation’s official blog, it turns out that yes it is officially back up for some folks.

After downloading the latest update (appeared as Firmware Version 1.4), PSN seems to be back up. Once you’ve updated your system, PSN will advise you that your old PSN password was no longer valid and ask you to update.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that all parts of the PSN network are up, when I tried to update my billing information (i.e. change all the existing information), PSN timed out and said an error had occurred. At least BlackOps works again. (Sigh.)

Update: As of 12:03 AM PST, the PSN should be back for all users in the U.S. Now about that account information.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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