Feno foldable laptop concept portableizes your portable portable

Niels van Hoof does not like bulky laptops but he does like all the functionality that bulky laptops offer. So how to you get a laptop to be compact without getting the crummy functionality of a netbook? By folding it, of course, to create the Feno foldable laptop concept! The biggest obstacle with this is figuring out how to fold the screen. It turns out, flexible OLED is the solution to this and it allows for the screen to neatly wrap around the body, creating a nice compact laptop without sacrificing its internal components for the sake of space. A nice touch was also added by van Hoof with by hiding a portable mouse inside the body instead of having an “annoying” numeric keypad in that section. Personally I prefer the numeric keypad, but hey, this concept ain’t to outlandish considering that flexible OLEDs have made tremendous progress in research the last couple of years.

Source: Niels van Hoof

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