A sneak peek at the Apple MacBook 2020

Tommaso Gecchelin has been to the future. In his mind. His Apple MacBook 2020 concept is not at all that far-fetched and quite plausible that something like this will exist early next decade. Touting it as the first molecularly manufactured laptop, the MacBook 2020 can actually scale down in size via black magic “scalable micro-lattice nanomaterial” to quickly switch between laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Add 3D scanning, a holographic screen, an wireless computing and you’ve got one awesome machine. It’s worthy to note that Mr. Gecchelin didn’t just pull an impossible idea out of thin air and create a design based off it. Each of the slides contains a future/now parallel, showing you what technologies already exist today that will eventually propel such a device’s functionality. After checking out the gallery, hit up the source link for more of his amazing and futuristic concept designs!

Source: Tommaso Gecchelinís Design

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