Noisecast Roundup: Friday 13th, 2011

It’s Friday and, well, Friday is a day of the week so I’m honor bound to give you a quick little roundup of the day. amazon is rumored to be planning more than just a tablet, but a whole slate of devices. The US State Department just broke hearts and f*cked 22,000 people who got so close but are still so far from the American Dream. Limewire has settled with the RIAA, our sources say it wasn’t for $75 trillion.  Dropbox is a liar, Osama may have bin Fappin’, and Netflix is so right while being so wrong. Peep it after the jump buttercup.

  • Amazon planning a whole slate of Android Devices.
    Take this with a grain of salt, but it is also very likely. The truth is, we know the lab responsible for the Kindle was established to make a whole slate of devices, but that doesn’t mean they are all being released. It’s R&D, most of the things developed there wouldn’t make it into the light. It is, however, exciting to think about. On the Amazon Tablet, there seems to be consensus that far from being a true tablet in the iPad sense, it will be a companion to the Kindle – like the initially gimped Nook. Regardless, we will know very soon.
  • US Diversity Visa Lottery makes a mistake and breaks 22,000 immigrant hearts.
    Many Americans don’t know this but there is a Visa lottery held every year to grant foreigners green cards. You enter the lottery and if you’re one of 50,000 people selected, you jump through a few more hoops to prove you deserve to be here (no criminal record, no debilitating diseases that will make you a burden on the state, etc). The 2012 batch had over 19 million entrants. Recently, 22,000 people were alerted that they had won the lottery. The problem was, it was a glitch in the internally developed system and those wins had to be rescinded. They will be redrawing. Meanwhile, 22,000 families that had been shown a light at the end of the tunnel and experienced incomparable elation had their dreams crushed. I can only imagine what that feels like.
  • Limewire settles: Are Google and Amazon next on the RIAA docket?
    Presumably, it wasn’t for $75 trillion. Does that mean the RIAA is going to turn their attention to the big boys like Amazon and Google, maybe even Apple? Well good luck to them (not really). Suing and terrorizing grandma and defunct p2p networks is one thing, but they’re in the big leagues now. Do they really think Amazon and Google will roll over and let the RIAA scratch their tummy? These are companies already in the business of telling governments fuck you.
  • Dropbox lied to users about data security, complaint to FTC alleges.
    Dropbox isn’t safe. Everyone should know that. It’s convenient and that’s about it. It’s best suited for an in-house p2p type thing for syncing and sharing non-vital data. The Noisecast has always been a little dubious about the cloud.
  • Osama Bin Fappin’
    Porn found on the Bin Laden compound. This proves that he was only human. Not in the flesh and bone sense, because duh, we already knew that. In the hypocrite/repressed sense. Ain’t that right Utah? Or should I call you the porn consumption capital of America despite your self-righteous piety (you can’t hide it from your ISP)?
  • Is Netflix ready to save its first show?
    Looks like it. I just wish it was a show worth saving and not a heaping pile of NBC excrement.

Well that’s it for friday. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday. So, it’s Friday and this is how we do it (ever since I was a lower case ‘g’)

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