A Parrothead looks at… Facebook

Jimmy Buffet, a man who started writing country music before moving on to “Gulf Country,” book writing,  internet radio (when he discovered AM stations to be too costly), and beer is now looking to spread his “toes in the sand” philosophy to Facebook, game style.

Apparently, the guy can market himself well. The game is generally a “Tycoon” style game, where the player builds up an island resort, as well as interact with characters from Buffetts books and songs. THQ is backing the venture, and is said to be channeling the “laid back” style of Jimmy to target his fans. The game will also be made into an iOS app, according to THQ.

The strategy to win over the ___ville players seems to rely heavily on Buffetts name and the fact that this is an “immersive 3D game.” Either way, it’s just another Facebook App I’ll have to block from my feed.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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