The white iPhone is finally coming in a few weeks

Are you still waiting for that mythical white iPhone 4 to arrive? Phil Schiller had promised us a white iPhone 4 by this spring via a tweet and it looks like Apple is upholding that promise. Bloomberg reports that an insider familiar with the iPhone’s plans confided to them that the white iPhone 4 will be coming in the next few weeks after a 10-month delay. Marred by manufacturing and paint issues, the white knight has finally been greenlit to join its darker sibling at AT&T and Verizon stores. Now many of us might laugh at this, saying that nobody is going to buy a white iPhone 4 now, especially since the iPhone 5 is just two or five months away, depending on whether or not certain rumors are true. However, we must not forget that a relatively large iPhone market exists for “last year’s model” and many people are perfectly content with not having the latest and greatest iPhone. The iPhone 3GS is still available on AT&T for $49 with a 2-year contract for people who want the iPhone goodness but can’t afford to dish out triple-digit dollars. So although the white iPhone 4 is late to the party, it won’t become obsolete when the iPhone 5 makes its appearance, as it will continue to be found on retailer shelves until the iPhone 6 comes out.

Thanks to killahkazx for the tip!

Source: Bloomberg

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