Nokia’s Upcoming Windows Phone Handset, W8, Is Appropriately Named

Last spring, we heard about WP7, a totally new platform from Microsoft that would ditch the legacy of Windows Mobile in favor of a bold new approach to mobile. When we were asked when we could get it:


Last fall, WP7 handsets finally started rolling out. They looked pretty good! Very much a 1.0 piece of software, but still. I can dig it. But hey, what about copy & paste, multitasking, or universal search?


Dude, did you hear? Nokia and Microsoft are teaming up to make some seriously killer handsets! This is gonna be good, because Microsoft really needs to start turning out devices if they’re going to catch up to Android and iOS. So, when are we gonna see the new devices?


And now, we’re starting to hear the first leaks about Nokia’s lineup of WP7 phones due out before the end of this year! What’s it called?




Full disclosure: While I’m still a loyal Android user, I intend to acquire a WP7 handset to compliment my Evo, as the platform looks exciting and I want in. Of course, I’d like to have a device in the 4″+ range on Sprint. Hey, big yellow. Anything you can do for me on that?


Source: The Noisecast

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  1. Even though I know it’s extremely unlikely I’m still holding out hope Microsoft will release something with the WP7 platform minus the phone part. I love my Zune HD and still use it every day but I would be interested in upgrading it to something with the new OS. I don’t see myself ditching Android at this point and I have no need for two phones.

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