Noisestash Roundup: Mildly Hungover Edition

Yeah, even though I worked really hard last night and set a record (in the name of the Noisecast!) Agrippa is making me do more work. Jerk.

And yet, I shall put away my grumpiness, because Steven promised me beer. Lots of beer. And if it’s not blatantly obvious, I love beer.  On that topic, how was your weekend? Mine was decent.  I didn’t brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack or anything, but I had a good time. On that note: here’s a good tune to start off tonight’s roundup:

Onward and upward!

Spring is in the air, so are many other things.

There’s a kid out there who taught himself calculus at 8. He’s 12 and looking to kick your ass at Scrabble, right after he becomes a researcher for Indiana University.

Mutant oranges are here… to make your breakfast tastier!

Sony drops that silly lawsuit business against George Hotz (aka GeoHot)

The US Customs Office can snag your porn stash when you enter the US.

Judge tells Righthaven group that they shouldn’t be making their money from frivolous lawsuits.

Kindle now available for $114 – and on-screen ads.

Texas decides that 3.5 million residents have too much privacy, so they decided to share SSNs and addresses online.

Awkward rant about the evils of Google.

The Winklevoss twins (giggle) aren’t doing so well in their fight against the Zuck. (thanks @Killahkazx)

Remember how the French banned burkas? Well, they actually have the backbone to enforce it!

The FBI apparently destroyed ass-tonnes of UFO reports. Tin Hatter’s league up in digital arms.

And lastly, a drinking game that beats our own. WARNING: Will cause death.

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