Sony vs. GeoHot Settlement Reached

Well this one definitely flew under the radar, Sony’s US blog posted an update on the SCEA v. GeoHot novella came to end with an undisclosed settlement between the two parties on March 31st.

Though the full terms of the settlement have not been made public, a permanent injunction seem to be one of the stipulations agreed upon by both SCEA and GeoHot. For what it’s worth, this seems to be the only logical outcome as neither party would fair well in court.

Sony obviously is able to walk away from all this without much damage done to it’s public image; a drawn out trial, as banal as some of the details may be, would only raise concerns with their current customers and may dissuade future customers as they may not like some of the buzz words they’d hear in the news: “Sony, hackers, security, credit cards not safe, etc.”

Best of luck to GeoHot and whatever he decides to take on next.

Thanks @Killahkazx for the tip.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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    1. May not have ended too well for Hotz; Sony would’ve asked for damages that would exceed anything he can pay and would probably have to do jail time because of it.

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