Will Sony’s NGP be another casualty of the Japan’s Quake?

The financial aftermath of Japan’s quakes?

We’ve covered the possible delays manufacturers may face in the aftermath of the quakes that have hit Japan since March 11th and last week, Bloomberg cited SCEA’s Jack Tretton as saying Sony’s NGP may only make it to one market in time. The news however, traveled fast and stirred up a conflicting statement from SCEJ’s spokesman, Satoshi Fukuoka; saying that the NGP is on track for an on-time release in various markets.

In all honesty, take each sound-bite with a grain of salt; Japan has shown signs of improvement (like this stretch of highway being rebuilt in 6 days), but things are far from settled. Obviously Sony is doing their best to meet both consumer and shareholder expectations but Japan’s manufacturing industry has taken a hit not seen in recent history. Only time can really tell.

Hat tip @killahkazx.

Sources: Gamasutra, Bloomberg

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