Noisestash Roundup, Governator edition

So this is disturbing…

If you haven’t gotten it into your skull, we are wrapping up Survival week and a half. Over the weekend, since the last roundup, we’ve hit Alien Invasion, Reavers, and the Things that go Bump in the Night. The rest of the roundup after the jump.

We also have a couple of new bits of info and speculation from the Seattle based Geekwire about Windows 8

io9 brings us a fascinating look at how flooding caused the ancient Chinese to become seafarers.

In case you haven’t gotten the email yet, if you do business with a number of online retailers, your first name and email address has been exposed, probably to spammers, thanks to Epsilon – the company that manages these services for them.

As you know, Joshua Topolsky left Engadget. He has a new project with SB Nation now. Nilay and probably the other editors in the exodus will be heading there.

Another solid from io9. We have the first 12 minutes of the new HBO show “Game of Thrones” based on the books.

Larry Page officially takes over as CEO of Google today. The new old order is restored.

Rumor of a Sony made 8-Megapixel camera in the next iPhone are spreading… from the Sony CEO.

Lifehacker shares with us a way of finding out which add-ons are slowing down Firefox.

Checkmate, Potheads!

Google may be targeted in an FTC antitrust probe. Things just got real.

Yes please! (I don’t actually know what this is about)

That’s a wrap folks. See you tomorrow. (no, I did not proof-read this.)

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