Episode 25 of the Noisecast “I Hate April Fools Day”

Episode 25 is back, late, but it’s here. April Fools has passed and we have survived. I despise that day. Look, for one day every year, everyone becomes an asshole. Adults, mainly adults in the media business start acting like children. People who really aren’t funny at all, crack themselves up, and the same jokes repeat themselves every year ad nauseum. Doesn’t matter, it’s over now, for another year. Back to the topic at hand. We had a fun episode, better quality than usual, the occasional Ustream flub, and general tomfoolery. This episode had Steven Callas, Gonzorider, Vitto #9, Kevlar Menace, and Bazookafox. Give it a listen here and then peep the topic list/show notes after the jump.

Episode 25 Topic List
Date: 4/3/2011 Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Kevlar, Gonzo, Vitto, Bazookafox

  1. Amazon Cloud Doohickey: Links are everywhere. Formulate your own opinions, tools.
  2. Tech gadget whatsa-jigger that comes with a doodad and accessories. Review it, still not better than iWhasitsface
  3. File this under iPhone 5 rumors http://bit.ly/i9V64Q
  4. March 2011 Browser Market Share, any one surprised http://bit.ly/gBGtiM
  5. Did you witness or partake in any sweet April Fools jokes? What was your favorite Prank of this year?
  6. Windows 8 Screenshots leaked: http://t.co/7ynGMNc
  7. Google +1: http://bit.ly/fZXt9g
  8. Google fighting back against Android fragmentation…is the only way to solve this to step away from its mantra of being “open?” http://t.co/mFBqbLG
  9. The QR Code begins its slow and quiet death: http://bit.ly/ijCxXM
  10. If you hadn’t heard, Sprint 4G sucks ass: http://t.co/rd8dfXO
  11. Ideas to make Color not pointless?
  12. Does Sony’s case against geohot seem weaker and weaker? http://bit.ly/gEGCTg
  13. RIAA lobbyist becomes federal judge, rules on file-sharing cases http://t.co/Iivqo08
  14. Kinect turns Google’s Gmail Motion April Fools joke into reality: http://bit.ly/gJN3Xq

WTF News

  1. WTF news comes early this week. You, ma’am, have some balls on you: http://yhoo.it/gC9Pfd
  2. Gertie the Hen Becomes Bertie the Cock: http://t.co/DGBiJZi
  3. Bonus article to our Survival Week: http://shar.es/3MrTd
  4. For your kids next birthday party: http://www.touchytheclown.com/
  5. Jesus says CHEESE! To An Australian Woman. http://bit.ly/gRTlWB
  6. Surge in Satanism sparks rise in demand for exorcists, says Catholic Church – http://t.co/CffHkNJ
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