Noisecast Roundup 4-27-2011: School’s in session, sex-ed edition

First of all, watch this. It’s the greatest sex-ed spoof video you will ever see, if you’re a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and know who/what Cthulhu is.

The roundup is after the jump.

  • The Youtube Founders have bought Delicious from Yahoo.
    So… i don’t actually care. I don’t know anyone who still uses delicious. I’m fairly certain the hullabaloo at it’s shuttering was just typical internet whatever… *yawn* have fun.
  • Those domains seized by ICE? Put to creative use.
    This government crackdown on piracy (now that all problems have been solved and shilling for the music and movie industry is more important than a bum economy and two wars), has taken a turn for the somewhat entertaining. Actually, I’m being sarcastic. This is retarded, but at least it’s creative. Also… those were all actors, would have been cooler with real people. You can watch it below.

5 thoughts on “Noisecast Roundup 4-27-2011: School’s in session, sex-ed edition”

    1. It was just dumb as hell. I like that they’re thinking creatively, but hate that they’re wasting our time with such stupid shit. These people aren’t losing their jobs “because of piracy” Piracy has been rampant since day 1. Profits are up each year to the tune of billions. These people are losing their jobs because their bosses are making shit movies with a guaranteed income and their bosses are failing to adapt to the new medium. While the music industry is dying, musicians are gaining more control and making more money than ever before. The record labels couldn’t adapt but the artists could. Notice that it’s only the old school megastars who can’t adapt to the new medium who seem to complain about the internet (I’m looking at you, Sting and Prince and Metallica and Paul McCartney).

      The movie industry is harder. The actors can’t really go off on their own, though the crew are branching off, forming their own mini-studios and attacking the new medium with varied amounts of success. They are experimenting and they are the ones who will survive. People like Felicia Day, Amanda Tapping, Rosario Dawson, Joss Whedon, Kevin Tancharoen, companies like Machinima, shows like Pioneer One: these are the companies and people and shows running the types of experiments that will save and elevate the entertainment industry.

      They have a right to protect their IP, but the current tactic isn’t working. Getting the govt. to shill for them won’t work either. And when they push things to the point where piracy is punished as severely or more so than child abuse, the masses will reject them with a vengeance that… well… only the music industry can empathize with.

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