Noisecast Roundup 4-25-2011: Rocket Man

Time for another roundup. Not much of interest happening. You knot the drill by now. As you can see, the theme is space flight. 1/3 of the links are spaceflight related (2 out of 6). hehehe. Oh shut up. If you missed the noisecast’s Easter special podcast, you can check it out here. The rest of the roundup are after the jump.

  • Bill introduced directing NASA to establish a lunar base ASAP
    Somebody doesn’t like the re-emphasis on quality technology and wants a greater emphasis on manned space flight. Whatevs. As long as science wins, I’m down. I have no interest in Lunar real estate. Let me know when I can have access to Uranus…
  • Elon Musk will have a man in space in 2 years, Mars within 2 decades. Yay commercial spaceflight!
    Continuing on the space theme, Elon Musk of SpaceX (and Paypal and Tesla Motors) is determined to get commercial manned space flight in three years, commercial manned Mars visit within 2 decades. He’s a pretty extraordinary man, I wouldn’t necessarily bet against him. In fact, fingers crossed.
  • Lenovo 7-inch Honeycomb tablet leaked.
    *Yawn* yet another tablet. I love Lenovo though. But still, I’m ready for the next cool thing.
  • iPhone 5 will do everything that can ever be done.
    This phone is rumored to support all 5 3G bands and CDMA. Awesome. One phone to rule them all. This should be interesting, and more expensive. I wonder if that means we may finally be freed from the tyranny of carriers. Will carriers even be willing to subsidize them? *shrugs* It makes sense but we have to wait and see… Apple predictions are not always spot on.
  • Nook Color gets more Android tablet-y.
    Okay, so are we done pretending this isn’t a tablet yet? (I know the geeks know it’s the cheapest Android tablet on the market, but others still think it’s just a color e-reader).
  • iPad 2 sales predicted to balloon by 200% by some sort of sorcerer.
    can you tell how much I hate analysts and earnings predictions? I wonder what else the spirits told him about the future when he was looking in his tea leaves. Let’s not forget that “analysts” have already reduced the expected number of iPads to be sold this year because Q1 sold FAR fewer than expected. Don’t worry though. The iPad will continue to be a beast. I don’t predict this because my magic spirits tell me their sales figures of the future. i predict this because logically, the others have to sell a beastly amount and they have to stagnate for their considerable market share to be reduced.

Anywhoo. I’m going to call it a night, gonna get on my rocket and go.

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    1. Actually, yes, on purpose. I realized that the roundup should have stuff not reported on our site, otherwise what’s the point? But then I realized you wrote about that and if i removed it, it killed the space theme. So I said, eff it. half and half this time. Monday update is the one that centers around our own stuff.

      At least that’s the evolving plan.

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