Google Will Now Send Youtube Copyright Violators Back To School

Google has come under fire recently for allowing users to upload copyrighted material to the popular video sharing site Youtube. In 2007 Viacom engaged in a billion dollar lawsuit with Google. In that lawsuit the claimed Google had allowed “massive copyright infringement” by hosting users copyrighted content. Google was even criticized last week by a congressional subcommittee for failing to adequately crackdown on copyright violations.

Google has now decided to step up to the plate. In the past Google has been warning users that if they post copyrighted material that their account may be revoked. Now you will be forced to watch a 4-and-a-half minute animated video titled “Youtube Copyright School” and after watching they’ll have to pass a test.

A Youtube spokesperson told Politico, “We want to help our users operate within the law and within our guidelines. Requiring that people complete copyright school after receiving a copyright notification means they’ll understand why their actions were wrong, come away with a better understanding of the law and be more likely to comply with YouTube’s guidelines in future.”

Instead of having to deal with people repeatedly violating copyrights, Google wants to make sure people know the rules, and offers them redemption. Previously when a users had a copyright violation it when on their permanent record. Under the new system if the user completes the class, and steers clear of any further violations they strikes will be removed.

Source: Digital Trends

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