Customize your Facebook experience with FFixer

While the Facebook experience usually gets media attention regarding either new features or privacy issues, the Facebook UI isn’t really customizable. Wouldn’t you like to get rid of that pesky Advertisement section or move things around to your liking? Fortunately there is a script you can use with your browser that can do all this and much more called FFixer, which I’ve been using for years. As summarized by the FFixer author:

Enhancements for Facebook: bigger profile pictures and photos, easier viewing of albums, links to download videos, showing people’s age and sign, google calendar integration, bookmarks, keyboard shortcuts & more. Fully customizable!

Quick tutorial on how to get up and running with FFixer after the break.

  1. Get a browser that doesn’t suck can support userscript plugins. For Firefox you can install the Greasemonkey extension, if you’re running Opera take a peek at this and if you’re running IE, well, its userscript plugins haven’t been updated in a while and might not even be compatible with the latest versions of IE. If you are using Chrome, userscripts are now natively supported to skip down to #2.
  2. Once you get your Greasekit extension up and running, head over to this site and hit the Install button and proceed with the FFixer userscript installation.
  3. Head on over to your Facebook.
  4. If a configuration screen doesn’t pop up automatically, then you will find a new link under your Account tab labeled “Configure FFixer”
  5. Go through and customize the look and feel of Facebook to your liking!

My favorite feature is being able to move your mouse over an image thumbnail and the full size image being blown up in the corner. Check it out, it’ll make your Facebook experience much more enjoyable!

2 thoughts on “Customize your Facebook experience with FFixer”

  1. If you’re in Chrome and all you want is the option to see pictures close up without clicking on them, you can always just install the Hover Zoom extension, which allows you to hover your mouse over a picture to see it in a larger size.

  2. I kinder prefer Better Facebook. Even though FFixer looks cleaner, Better Facebook is more powerful IMNSHO

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