Episode 25 of the Noisecast “I Hate April Fools Day”

Episode 25 is back, late, but it’s here. April Fools has passed and we have survived. I despise that day. Look, for one day every year, everyone becomes an asshole. Adults, mainly adults in the media business start acting like children. People who really aren’t funny at all, crack themselves up, and the same jokes repeat themselves every year ad nauseum. Doesn’t matter, it’s over now, for another year. Back to the topic at hand. We had a fun episode, better quality than usual, the occasional Ustream flub, and general tomfoolery. This episode had Steven Callas, Gonzorider, Vitto #9, Kevlar Menace, and Bazookafox. Give it a listen here and then peep the topic list/show notes after the jump.

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