Windows Phone 7 Hits A Milestone

Say what you want about the prospects of Windows Phone 7 but on top of the recent news that Developers make more money on Windows Phone 7 than on Android, Microsoft’s new baby has hit another milestone. Windows Phone 7 just crossed the 10,000 app threshold. Not only has it crossed it, but it’s done so faster than both the Android Marketplace and iTunes App Store. Why is this a big deal (considering how far ahead both iOS and Android are)? 10,000 is considered a critical psychological barrier. It is the point of resistance where, upon crossing, floodgates are unleashed. You simply cannot consider the marketplace a true ecosystem with less than that number. What’s more, Redmond has been adding about 1,000 apps a week since they hit the 5,000 mark and that rate is only increasing.  Somehow they’ve managed to do this without any of the apps suffering in quality, or without the existence of 10,000 fart apps. Redmond seems concerned with quality and getting it right, but it’s not out of the woods yet. Now, if only Microsoft could get that update out already, WP7 devs can’t do it alone.

Source: Windows Phone App List

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