Napster co-founder to own a part of Warner Music Group?

Ah the sweet smell of irony in the evening. Believe me, I know a thing or two about irons, and I tell you that this is irony. Justin Timberlake Sean Parker, the guy who helped create Napster (not to be confused with Shawn Fanning, the other guy who created Napster) has his hat in the bidding ring for the currently up-for-sale Warner Music Group, one of the four major industry labels. Parker isn’t going in solo with his bid. In fact, he is actually part of a consortium of investors headed by Ron Burkle and Doug Teitelbaum. There is no guarantee that the consortium will win the bid as there are a few other bids on the table from a variety of investors and groups. It will make for one of the biggest WTF moments in tech history if the Burkle-Teitelbaum consortium does win the bid though. But that won’t make it cool, because you know what’s cool?

Sources: All Things D, FilmDrunk

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