Video Review: Contour HD Camera

So some of you may be outdoorsy, and if you are, you might like to capture some of your adventures on video. Luckily, since your hands may not be readily available, Contour has come up with a camera that you can mount to just about anything. The Contour HD camera is a simple, sleek, shock proof, hardened, fun, HD camera for all sorts of outside goodness.

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Video Review:


Waterproof Case

All in all, this thing is pretty solid. The only downside of note that I’ve noticed is the noise when shooting fast paced activities, and even that isn’t much of a big deal. For the most part, the sounds recorded during these activities isn’t that exciting, and you’d probably want to throw some music over it anyway.

Another cool plus to this camera is the wide range of accessories you can purchase for it. The standard camera comes with a goggle mount, and a sticky mount for flat surfaces. Personally, I wouldn’t trust the sticky mount with it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. I’m just not about to risk my $250 camera with a sticky pad. Some of the accessories include roll bar mounts, handlebar mounts, waterproof cases, universal tripod mounts, and windshield mounts to name a few. The whole lot of accessories can be found at the Contour site, so no matter what activity your looking to do, Contour has likely come up with some sort of solution to help you capture it on video.

Bottom Line:

GoPro Hero

There are a few players in the market, the GoPro Hero is the other big name that really contends with Contour. After researching the two of them, I decided on the Contour based on its size. The Contour HD is smaller and sleeker. While I have heard good things about the GoPro, the awkward size and mounting options for it seem like an accident waiting to happen. The Contour definitely has better mounting options and a smaller profile which would more than likely reduce your chances of banging it into something. The GoPro also costs $50 more and offers similar features, but comes with a few more mounting options in the box.

The choice is yours. Just get out there and have fun.

Source: Countour HD

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