LimeWire Reaches Settlement With National Music Publishers Association

Remember back in 2004 how we were all bumping Kanye West’s College Dropout? Remember when that cool guy downloaded the leaked version with the Lauren Hill sample on All Falls Down; and how he told you about the magical p2p file sharing program called LimeWire?

It was no surprise that within a year or so, LimeWire was the defacto (illegal) music downloading service. Also, no surprise when in October 2010, a court ordered the Lime Group LLC to shut down the service for violating various copyrights held by the RIAA.

Today, Bloomberg reports that a settlement has been reached in (one of many of) the beleaguered company’s pending lawsuits. The National Music Publishers Association accepted a settlement that “that is good for all parties involved,” though LimeWire’s lawyer did not comment on the terms of said settlement.

May 2nd is LimeWire’s next appearance in court; this time they’ll be butchered by meeting with the RIAA if you’re into that sort of thing.

Source: Bloomberg

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