The internet cares too much about AT&T-Mo

Seriously, internet, shut up. AT&T acquiring T-Mobile isn’t a horrid thing, even if you’re a T-Mobile customer. We all know that AT&T wants better – and more – 4G coverage, and T-Mo haz it.

Sure, there are fewer choices for the consumer, but less than 1%* of phone shoppers choose a carrier based off of their use of GSM or CDMA. What the internet needs is to stop asking the government to “help us” and start manning up and let your money do the talking.

I have AT&T service. I don’t love it, because it would be foolish to waste the manliest of emotions on radio frequencies. But I am happy with it, and so I continue to have service with them. If I were unhappy, I would change providers. Verizon has more coverage in the boonies around here, but I don’t live in the boonies.

To those who are on T-Mobile and now furiously screaming about how AT&T is going to gimp your coverage, just stop. AT&T is trying to purchase T-Mobile and all of their contracted users. By changing the terms of all of those users contracts, they stand to lose them. I expect there to be different contracts come renewal time, but it would be dumb of them to make your choices so drastically different that no one will renew.

AT&T is a business, and they don’t operate on losing customers. But if you are indeed made unhappy by your service, leave. Don’t ask your congressman to wipe your ass for you. Man up, internet. There will still be 2 other services – large services – that offer good phones, high speeds and a lot of coverage. There are also pay-as-you-go services that are starting to offer better phones. That is considered competition, whether or not you like your choices.

*statistics totally made up

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