Episode 23 of the Noisecast – ATT-Mobile

Well, it’s been another week and another slate of news and gossip. Episode 23 featured Steven Callas, Vitto #9, Gonzorider, Ben, and Kaiser. As far as topics go, the elephant in the room was AT&T trying to buy out T-Mobile. Of course we doubt it will pass regulatory muster, but as Steven explains, AT&T just trolled Sprint for cheap. Anyway, show notes after the jump and give us a listen here:

Episode 23 Topic List
Date: 3/20/2011 Time: 8EST
Roster Steven, Vitto, Gonzo, Ben, Kaiser

  1. Websites With .XXX Are Exactly What You Think They Are – http://bit.ly/h7pCO8
  2. Netflix wants to own entire shows – http://bit.ly/eZpAAS
  3. Zediva Lets You Stream Movies Before Others By Renting DVD Players – http://bit.ly/hasCjr
  4. Google gets a bit smarter, adds movie and game release dates to search – http://bit.ly/eOIKK2
  5. AT&T shames unauthorized phone tetherers, gives ultimatum http://t.co/AWrjNxG
  6. Etsy Reveals Users’ Real Names and Purchases – http://t.co/TSjdqJ3
  7. Zune is dead – http://bit.ly/hWeymo Long live Zune.
  8. Digg is dead – http://bit.ly/frKNuA Long live… oh wait, no, it’s really dead.
  9. Hope everyone had a wonderful π day. Too bad the real π day is a few decades away: Sun, 21 Jul 2069 00:37:33 GMT in Unix time is 3141592653.
  10. Is anyone with browser knowledge doing an IE9 review? People actually use IE by choice? Yeah, just long enough to download a new browser.
  11. From straight out of left field, AT&T buys out T-Mobile: http://bit.ly/fI4sa4
  12. I may be biased but I want this to happen. Netflix should revive cancelled cult classics: http://tcrn.ch/dRglrh
  13. Well, Sony’s getting the dreaming part right at least. New gear out of Sony’s skunkworks, including a Chrome OS notebook. All rumor though, but still intriguing: http://engt.co/e8l9Gn
  14. Nokia already working on its first WP7 phones. http://bit.ly/fsOvBQ
  15. AT&T buys T-Mobile http://engt.co/g3x5gC
  16. Microsoft Claims Rustock Botnet Takedown – http://bit.ly/hXh4Qb
  17. Are phone calls going the way of land lines (closer to extinction)? http://nyti.ms/fSbOiF
  18. Scranton woman hides heroin, money, loose change in vagina http://t.co/HivfFbY
  19. “Pedobear” Stars In Convicted Sex Offender’s Ad http://t.co/2xKPwXL
  20. Thirty Years in Prison for Photographing Farm Animals?: http://bit.ly/ehPOGW Time to delete that folder.