Samsung Galaxy S2 Wants to be Moved!

Sorry Samsung, but I’m not into it.

Bring it closer to your face to make it zoom in? I won’t be able to view my Twilight FanFic page with my thumbs all over the screen! And, I’m thinking that people who suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness are gonna have a weird time figuring this one out.

Move the phone a few inches feet to the side in order to flip through the selected widget’s panels? Come on! All this extra effort instead of just pinching, double tapping or swiping with your thumb is just too much.

These motion & zoom options in the Samsung Galaxy S2 are being done using the built in accelerometer and TouchWiz 4.0. Yea, yea, I’m all for new ideas and innovations, but not like this. You’re trying just a bit too hard to make yourself different from all the rest, Samsung.

Video of the feature after the jump.

I think using these new features will make you look like a 7 year old playing with his Sega Genesis for the very first time. Don’t act like you didn’t hop off the couch when you tried making Sonic jump over Dr. Robotnic!

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Wants to be Moved!”

  1. The silver lining here is it makes it easier to “accidentally” hit people in the face with your phone.

    “Oh, sorry. I was just trying to switch apps. Totally didn’t mean to to smack you in the mouth. It was an accident I swear. Blame Samsung.”

    1. Goddamit Ben! *puts ice pack on face* For the last time you don’t even own a Samsung phone. This shit ain’t funny anymore.

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