Possible cure for cancer being snubbed by Big Pharma

Apparently Dr. Evangelos Michelakis (a Greek guy, of course) has been conducting research in Canada with dichloroacetic acid (DCA) and has discovered that in a surprisingly high number of tests it has proven to shrink cancer cells into oblivion. I did some research to see if this is medically relevant and viable, and it seems like there is strong support to his studies. Why hasn’t this taken off in the industry? Apparently, the drug is unpatented and costs pennies to make and pharmaceutical companies are not backing this because of “they can’t make money on unpatented medicines.” It is estimated for this drug to get FDA approval in the U.S., costs passing $1 billion will be needed, making DCA’s approval for treatment quite low. Apparently it isn’t a good investment to spend over a billion dollars on a drug that can save millions, but over $700 billion is an acceptable cost for other more important things.

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