What does Moto want with a game developer?

File this under iiiiiiinteresting. The newly created Motorola Mobility has reached out its equity investment arm and graced cross-platform California game studio Moblyng with some cash. Moblyng makes HTML5 games for Facebook, Android, WebOS, iOS, and Nokia and has recently partnered with Playdom to deliver Sorority Life and Mobsters to WebOS and Android. The small studio originally garnered attention for releasing the pretty popular Dungeon Quest and m:Racing games. How much Moto plunked down is undisclosed, but its equity division throws down ballpark figures up to $5 million. Obviously Motorola isn’t interested in making its own games, otherwise it would have outright snatched up the studio. Most likely Motorola Mobility is trying to give a little extra push for some Honeycomb optimized games for its Xoom tablet and is possibly eying some tighter and cheaper game integration alternative in future stock devices.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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