Ken Jennings answers questions on reddit

Ken Jennings, the 74-time Jeopardy winner and Watson’s runner up, did the internet a favor today by participating in reddit’s IAmA series under the tasteful monicker “WatsonsBitch.” He did his best over the course of many hours to answer as many (relevant) questions submitted by the reddit community. There’s plenty of interesting answers to read. When asked “What has been the single biggest change in you life since your epic winning streak, besides the money?” Jennings’ sense of humor retorted:

Old people can’t keep their dry, lilac-scented hands off me. Man, do old people ever love Jeopardy. I can’t go anywhere in public where there might be old people, like Hallmark stores or cemeteries.

Hit this link for the full thread and scan through for WatsonsBitch highlighted in blue for all the answers Jennings gave to questions.

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