Noisestash Roundup, the disappointment edition

“Are you sure that’s as big as it gets?”

They say disappointment is rage for wimps. I say, “please don’t hit me again.” Don’t worry, I’m not particularly disappointed about anything. We have a fairly full docket on the roundup. Don’t forget, if you have any interesting tips, items of news, or interesting videos, alert us on twitter @noisecast or email us at noisecast at thenoisecast dot com. Let’s get this started.

George Lucas always disappoints me these days, but you guys, our dear readers, just flat out hurt my feelings.

In case we haven’t drilled it into your head yet, we’re in the middle of survival week(ish) and today is all about Robots (Or as I like to call them, FRAKKING TOASTERS!)

So… this is ironicle (like testicles but made of irony). Microsoft crying to the EU about Google being anti-competitive #antitrust

One month later, Honeycomb has just 50 native apps… this is no bueno, Google.

The geek in me says, “Cool!” but the human in me says, “you’re kinda starting to creep me out now, Google.” That second part of me hopes this is false.

Speaking of creepy, facebook… stop it.

Somehow while failing to win over consumers, Microsoft is winning over developers in a strong way.  Impressive numbers all around.

An “Analyst” claims HTC Thunderbolt is outselling iPhones on Verizon. Okay. Whatevs. Moving on. More news and/or disappointments for me or others after the jump.

The girl in this video is really a boy, therefore your argument is invalid. How can I believe anything anymore? This must be what going crazy feels like. Don’t lie, knowing the truth, you’d still hit it.

FOX really doesn’t want their channel on Time Warner’s iPad streaming app. Silly FOX, dumbasses who still trust you after what you do to great shows are to dumb and poor to afford iPads anyway. j/k << still bitter about Firefly

Check out this lifelike horse puppet. It looks really really realistic except for the two asses it has in it

Well, that’s a night. See you tomorrow, maybe.

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