Please pardon our dust

Hey everyone, thanks for bearing with us. The Noisecast has gone through a lot of changes this last month and we’re showing no signs of slowing down! One of the biggest complaints about our site was that it was clunky, slow, and was terrible to use on a mobile device, in particular the iPad. Ron and myself have been working endless hours this past week to come up with a way to fix all of these issues with one fell swoop and we could think of no better time to do it than in the middle of Apocalypse Week-and-a-Half. It just seems to fit! So here we are with a fresh new look and a bold vision of the future.

Many of you may find the new design shocking, many of you will find it refreshing. We completely understand how reluctant people are to change, but we sincerely hope that we nipped the old design in the bud before it had a chance to sink into your subconscious. The new design is cleaner and simpler to use, and allows for more content to be visible. We are still tinkering on a few quirks here and there, but for the most part the site is usable as long as your browser isn’t Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera. This new site is optimized for Firefox 4 so please download this browser if you haven’t already done so.

You will find our pages listed at the very bottom of the site, so that is where you will find our podcasts and our contact form. We would love to hear your feedback as well as any bug reports you might experience. Rest assured that we will take all of your comments and concerns seriously and we will be extremely serious when disregarding them to our Trash folder. That being said, we hope you enjoy the new site and we thank you for your continued support on both the podcast and this site!

38 thoughts on “Please pardon our dust”

      1. That’s cause, like the Gawker sites, it fails to update your URL properly. To fix this, just click on the timestamp of the article you are in under the post title.

  1. Woah… I cannot believe how much better this works than the actual new Gawker site. How could things really be that broken? It’s just… unfathomable.

    Anyway, great job with this hopefully temporary joke. :P

  2. I’ve had a change of heart. Change the logo to look less halloweenish and I like this. I want this to stay. Change the color scheme to ours, and if this is what nick was trying to achieve, I almost wish he had succeeded. This is lovely. Except we’re missing the automatic giant video ad blocking your ability to focus on text, or is adblock blocking it? That’s my official vote.

    1. Seriously, I kind of agree. I like the way this works (outside of the lack of ads and correct logos), but at the same time, it’s a blatant rip off and we’re passing it off as a joke.

      I’m torn.

  3. As a first time reader, I’m glad I glanced at the address bar before closing the tab.

  4. My my my……not_nicknotned hacked the site. we better ger notko on this right away.

    Oh, and I could tell this was a joke by the lack of screen blocking ads at the top of the page.

    Piss-yellow would have been a better choice than the baby-poop green though.

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