Digg co-founder resigns

When I read Michael Arrington’s article about Digg co-founder Kevin Rose’s nosediving participation in Digg I thought to myself, “why doesn’t Rose just leave?” In a surreal case of “perfect timing” Arrington today reports that Rose has announced his resignation. Aside from barely going to the office at all and being a large non-contributing zero for the past two years at Digg, Kevin Rose has been focusing all of his energy on Revision 3 and some other startups. The question is why didn’t Rose leave earlier? When he was butting heads with former CEO Jay Adelson he scaled back to the point where he almost didn’t set foot in the office for a year. When Adelson left, Rose took over for an interim period and largely changed the V4 overhaul that was already overdue. When Matt Williams was hired as CEO in the fall, Rose once again disappeared into the shadows. Kevin Rose gave up on Digg back in the Adelson days. It’s no surprise he is resigning. Hopefully he will be more dedicated to his upcoming startup ventures.

Source: TechCrunch

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