[UPDATED] Motorola bootloader keys released

Looks like Sanjay Jha’s legal minions will have to temporarily shift their focus from the secret move to California to the cracking down on William Pitock. Pitock, or better known by his pseudonym nenolod, posted the Motorola Sholes bootloader key and its initialization vector on his Twitter account for all the world to see. Of course, most of the world (myself included) won’t know what the hell to do with those number arrays but some keen Android developers will be able to use them to finally bypass the evil bootloader and build custom signed .sbf files for locked down Motorola Android devices. Finally, a glimmer of hope for my Droid 2 Global! Hopefully Motorola Android owners will be free from the clutches of eFuse soon…unless of course Motorola takes a cue from Sony sues the shit out of anyone who dares exploit the keys.

Update: Successful troll was successful. Turns out this is the second time nenolod has fed bullshit to the community. Motorola acknowledged that there was no vulnerability and they didn’t send any Cease & Desist letters to nenolod because the keys he posted never worked. Thanks, douchebag. If my next phone is an Android it most definitely won’t be a Motorola, even though their hardware is really solid.

Sources: Android Central, Nenolod

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