Xoom sues Motorola over Xoom

How many people would confuse Motorola’s Xoom tablet with an online money transfer service? Apparently a lot, according to Xoom Corp., which runs the aforementioned business at Xoom.com. Xoom Corp. is taking Moto to court not only because it claims Moto is using the Xoom name to dilute the value of Xoom.com but it also cites that Moto is infringing on the Xoom trademark which Xoom Corp. registered in 2004 and Moto is purchasing Xoom keywords from search engines to direct traffic to the tablet and away from the Xoom Corp. website. Of course, Xoom Corp. is taking the familiar path of requesting a preliminary injunction against Motorola and is demanding that Motorola cease using the Xoom name along with ponying up cash for damages. Not that this is anything new in the industry.

Via PC Mag

1 thought on “Xoom sues Motorola over Xoom”

  1. Yes, the name is the same. That's a dumb move on Moto's part.
    But who searches for Xoom? People who hear it in the news.
    And there's nothing against buying search engine keywords.

    Dear Xoom: Your service is a scam.

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