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Since I love using Twitter, and even wrote a How-To, I am always looking for a better way to use it. I’ve yet to settle on a mobile client for WP7, and I’m constantly trying to maximize the experience on my netbook, which is my main computer. Yeah, I run light.

Anyway, I had been using Seesmic’s web app for a long time. The customizable columns and multiple account management is great, but it kills my netbook. Their Desktop App was even worse. And TweetDeck? No. I like having the ability to multitask on my PC, thanks.

So where does that leave me? Oh, you so silly.

No, I stumbled upon MetroTwit via @StarmanMudkip. It’s a program that runs off of the .NET 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation 4. What does that mean? It runs smooth as silk on my little Netbook. It’s got a nice look too it, as you can see. You can drag and drop pictures into the text box and it prompts you to add a caption, then boom. Uploaded.

There are the usual settings: picture handler, notification area, what gets a notification, how long the notification stays up.

You can choose to have it hide in the system tray when you minimize it. To the left, you can see how few resources it consumes. This is while hidden in the system tray, but it still runs normally. You can change the color theme to fit your needs as well.

One thing I found was the lack of support for multiple accounts, but this is a beta. They also have a URL previewer built in.

Verdict: Even as a beta, this is a solid Twitter app. It has glitches, and can freeze or crash, but it’s so damn solid right now that any improvements are sure to make it soar. Try it out.

Hat Tip: StarmanMudkip

Source: MetroTwit

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