Should The Noisecast meta-LiveBlog the March 2 Apple event?

We are asking you, dear listener and reader, to help us decide if we should do a LiveBlog of the Apple March 2 event. It isn’t a huge event that we can fuck up, it’s most likely the reveal of the iPad 2. We obviously have not been invited to that event, but that doesn’t stop us from jacking shit off other LiveBlogs and presenting them with good old Noisecast spin and commentary. Of course we will be drinking because it will be the middle of the day and we will be posting pictures and info just as they happen. Apologies in advance to other LiveBlogs for jacking their shit. Hah, yeah right. We’re not jacking it. We’re doing what they should be doing, and that is LiveBlogging that content in the way it is meant to be LiveBlogged: kickassily. I’m currently exploring LiveBlog software and I’m definitely liking CoverItLive cause it will let readers chime in while we do it. So, if we do it, will you tune in? Vote below please, you have until Monday at noon before we make our decision on how to allocate our booze. And right now, allocating booze to coax consent out of cheap hookers without paying is in the lead. Please vote!

Should the Noisecast meta-LiveBlog the March 2 Apple event?

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