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There is a lot of bitching about how lame Twitter is, even after the phase of Twitter bashing is over. I am going to tell you why the average tech geek should love it, and how you could use it.

First, a brief explanation of what it is: Twitter is a social media tool, accessible through many different client options that is essentially a 140 character status update. It is also more than that. You can post videos, pictures, links and also tie into other social media formats such as 4square, instagram and of course Facebook.

But how should you use it? There are a bunch of different options for people who want to work their way into the Twitterverse. One way is to find friends from an inline or IRL community that you are involved in and follow them, meeting new people that they mention. Another way is to search for terms that interest you and chat with folks who chat about stuff you like. @Jeep is a great account to follow if you like Jeeps and they interact with the community a lot.

It helps to have a few friends on Twitter when you get started, so they can guide you in the right direction, and so you get some back and forth. One thing to note is (in my experience) humor is greatly appreciated and gets better results than whining or pictures of your awesome sandwiches. Unless its a bacon, bacon and bacon sandwich.

Another option for Twitter use is to follow blogs and websites you like so you can receive updates and maybe suggest topics. This is similar to an RSS reader, and a valid use for Twitter.

If you have a hobby that is or can be greatly appreciated via pictures, Twitter is a great place to make friends. Cars, art and electronics projects are great for sharing pictures, and there are great communities already established for folks just like you.

Want to get started? Here are some cool people to follow:

@noisecast – Our twitter feed. Get updates and listen to our blatherings while we record.

@kevlarmenace – My personal feed. I try to post one interesting picture a day. The rest of what I post is bullcrap

@RC_Supernova – Gonzorider’s tweets. Alcohol and redneck anger.

@rontourage – hipster web designer and angry person.

@fried_yoda – Our podcast mod who can’t keep us in line. He’s in Greece right now drinking shitty beer.

@vitto_9 – Another angry person, but he knows games and likes to yell about them.

@xxMagnus – Behind the scenes leader, he sometimes shows his sense of humor online.

@snoop_dizzle – Audiophile and tech-head.

@savageboredom – The Benguin. Lego fanboy and tech nerd

@kaisermachead – Doodler of Boredom (See? Art!) Tech guy, and funny dude.

@Jeep – Jeep Culture and interaction

@engadget, @gizmodo, @techcrunch – gadget blogs for geek news

If you have any more, feel free to add them in the comments for me to ignore.

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