So just how many barrels of Oil do we have left?


It’s no secret that this world has a finite number of natural resources. Everything we consume that we don’t put back is gone for good. Somethings take longer than others to exhaust and that makes understanding conservancy a vague proposition for many.

One of these items is oil – that black stuff that helps power cars, homes, industry, and yes, even the economy – is one of these finite resources that we’ve long been dependent on and show no sign of weening off of. Part of the problem is the seemingly never ending supply that we have access to, but according to the number crunchers at, it seems we’ll be all out of juice within the next 40-or-so years.

Worldometers is a collective of developers, researchers, and volunteers that are pulling various statistical information and turning those numbers into one of the scariest, yet simple to read bits of information. The data is broken down and categorized into everything from Energy (like the Oil question) to Social Media and just about anything in between. Worldometers is not affiliated with any government agency or think tank and is therefore party-neutral; a pretty important thing to be when presenting information on topics that are politically polarizing.

Check out some other facts and win a few bar bets by hitting the source link below.

Source: World-O-Meters

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