Instagram goes browser – the final velvet rope lifted

Get photos of cats, kids, and food on your browser – no smartphone required

Back when Instagram first popped onto the scene, they invited everyone to take pictures of their everyday meanderings and share. All were welcomed as long as you had an iPhone. It was at once an internet status symbol and the ire of those who weren’t “cool enough” to party with digital photo filters. Instagram has since added an Android app (we’ve all but lost hope of one ever coming to Windows Phone) and were bought out by Facebook for $1B; it was time for the velvet rope to all but disappear.

The Instagram feed itself is not unlike the mobile app version, it’s a single column feed with the pictures taken by all the folks you already follow. You can “Like,” and “Comment” and of course tag users to engage in conversations. It’s your mobile app in a more goofing-off-at-work-friendly sort of way. That said, don’t expect to post pictures from the browser interface – that’s still restricted to their apps.

Instagram’s Kevin Systrom marks this as a way to make Instagram accessible on more devices – including tablets – but what we’re still really hoping for an Instagram app on Windows Phone.

Instagram’s web browser interface marks the end of the closed off party and begins to be more in line with Facebook’s quest for world domination availability to the general public. If you’ve followed Facebook from its early days, you already know that the original requirement for a Facebook account was a .edu email account, a lot has changed since then.

Source: Instagram Blog

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