Visually stunning, mind-blowing works from DC, Image and Dark Horse for 1-23-2013

I had drifted away from comics for awhile, busy mostly, but had begun buying a couple of relaunch titles, putting my toe back in the water so to speak.

What really propelled me to return to the fold was the DC New 52 reboot. The promise of a beginning with top notch writers and artists was too much to pass up.

I am going to start working DC into the reviews, though I do not get any previews for them (hopefully, only a ‘yet’ here).

And with that, let’s begin with….

Batwoman #16

Kate Kane is the anomaly of the reboot, her back story stayed the same: rich family, kidnapping, death and revenge, assisted by her father and years of martial training abroad, and former Gotham city Detective Renee Montoya as her ex-girlfriend.

Issue #16 is the culmination of the many mini story arcs that have been going on since the relaunch. What began as a search for missing children and their abductor, evolved into a supernatural story and a hunt for Medusa, the mother of all monsters. Assisted by Wonder Woman in her travels through the Greek Mythos world, discovering finally that her path led back to Gotham and a city under siege, Batwoman is finally going to face Medusa.

It has been a long, strange trip.

Out of all the new 52 titles, this one has the most visually stunning art book after book and is one of my top three DC buys.

Hell Yeah #6

Ben works for a company that exists in many different timelines and realities. He is a one-man clean up crew that takes care of whatever loose ends are left when some crisis or secret war happens.

He has never met any super-baddies though, and the really bad conflicts happen away from Earth. Ben’s luck is about to change as he is sent to Mars to observe, secretly from a distance, a settlement of these villains.

Issue #6 is a new storyline, all of the exposition you will need in order to know what is happening and a great place to pick up this Image title.

I, myself, will be going back and finding out what happened in the first five.

Mind MGMT #7

Mind Management” is a secret organization that pushes the world’s buttons. There are Immortals, agents who can use their mind to heal themselves, Ad Men, who can use print media to influence the masses or construct a letter that will kill instantly anyone who reads it, and other agents who specialize in psychic phenomena like remote viewing. Agents are trained in a secret location known to them as “Shangri-la” and are recruited at a young age.

This book centers around Lyme, an ex-Mind Mgmt agent, and Meru, a young author trying to write her next book but continually being sent back to square one when she gets too close to the truth.

How do I know all of this? Everything you need to know about what has happened before is in this issue, as well as new information about the company and its history.

This is what I consider an ‘art’ comic. On the surface, it may appear crude, like something a first year art student might do the night before a project is due, but reading it, gazing beneath the ink, you will find an extremely well thought out mythos packed so full of story and information, it spills out onto the margins.

Mind Mgmt is a comic for fans, and well worth your time.

Back issues I need” count for this post is now at ’11’.

The Massive #8

As the storm rages outside of the conglomeration of ex-oil platforms, Moksha Station, inside, Cal is still under guard by order of Director Sumon who questions why The Kapital is really there.

Meanwhile, after dismantling the rig’s communications, Mary has discovered something beneath and conspires with Mag to hand the ship over to Sumon.

I love this series, have written about it before, and only have one question “Where is Issue #9?”

That wraps up this post.

Is there a comic you love to read and want me to tell others about? What are your suggestions, just let me know below!

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