The new NRA shooting game is rated ages 4+ says Apple App Store

Would you let your 4-year-old play?

Got an iOS device? Like guns? Have a four-year-old? If the answer to all three was yes, then Apple thinks you should totally let them have at the National Rifle Association’s newest game – NRA: Practice Range. According to a report in FastCompany, Apple’s dubious decisions by the gatekeepers of its wall garden have found “no objectionable material” in the NRA’s iOS game and rated it 4+.

The new app allows your pre-kindergartner to try their hands at shooting “nine true-to-life firearms” and “stay informed” about the goings on at the NRA. It’s a bit a ironic that Apple, a company that has championed itself as keeper of corporate decency (see their stance on porn in their digital content stores), does not find a shooting game that contains true-to-life depictions of firearms to contain and objectionable material yet Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, an iOS arcade style “flight simulator,” is rated 12+ for mild simulated gambling, mild cartoon or fantasy violence and infrequent/mild realistic violence.

In the weeks following yet another mass shooting by someone who had easier access to guns than mental health care; it seems crass, insensitive, and just plain dick-ish for the NRA who defended the right to arm yourself with 30-round banana clips by blaming the recent rash of mass shootings on video games, to put out a video game that’s essentially a shooting sim. In either case, we hope someone at the iTunes realizes that maybe a game centered around a depiction of life-like violence should warrant an age restriction warning higher than ‘4+’.

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