Superheroes Old And New Plus One Emily Strange, New Comics 1-30-2013

It is the end of the month and pickings are a little slim. That is not to say there are not some great comics out there!

Earth 2 (DC)

On an alternate Earth, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman have given their lives in order to stop the Apokoliptan Invasion. The result of this war is that superheroes and gods alike have been eliminated leaving no survivors.

Well, almost no survivors.

The dying god Mercury gives Jason Garrick the powers of Flash in issue one, there is a Hawkgirl and Alan Scott receives the power of Green Lantern.

The only two survivors of the original superhero lineup that we currently know about are Robin and Supergirl. They were blown into the parallel New Earth and became The Huntress and Power Girl, respectively, and now have their own series World’s Finest.

In the most recent issue of Earth 2, #8, we find out Wonder Woman’s daughter, Fury, is still alive and has been raised for the last five years by Steppenwolf, the evil S.O.B. that led Darkseid’s parademons during the invasion.

As more heroes emerge, the past comes back to haunt the Earth, and a new, even more powerful foe approaches, his series has been extremely enjoyable and well-written so far and has the potential to deliver some fantastic stories in the future which is why it is this week’s ‘DC pick’.

The Superior Spiderman #2 (Marvel)

Doctor Octavius is now in control of Peter Parker’s body and has resolved to be a better one than Peter ever was, the ‘Superior Spider-man’.

One of the new Marvel Now! Titles, the story is surprisingly fresh and original.

Octavious is cold and calculating and still trying to maintain the illusion he is Peter Parker, but that facade is slowly crumbling.

And this Spidey has claws à la Miguel O’Hara, Spider-man 2099!

I definitely enjoyed the first issue and #2 comes out this week so it is the perfect time to jump on board!

Mara #2 (Image)

At the end of the first issue, Mara Prince manifested her super powers live on international television.

This issue explores the fall-out of that revelation as she spirals from her previous superstar heights under the weight of accusations of fraud into the nightmare her life may become.

I did not get a preview copy of this issue, but it will be at the register in this week’s purchases.

Emily the Strange: Emily and the Strangers #1 (Dark Horse)

Emily the Strange began her existence as an advertising mascot and has become progressively more popular year after year.

In this mini-series, Emily, inventor and musician, wants to win the haunted guitar of her favorite musical artist, Professa Kraken. To do so, she has to have the best recording for a radio contest, and perform at a Battle of the Bands with a blackmailing radio assistant.

Cute and quirky, this proves not everything has to be hardcore to be entertaining.


And, briefly, one correction. Last week I went with the description from DC’s website for Batwoman #16 and it was wrong. It is a great issue, but it is not end of the current storyline or any arc.

We do finally get to see the Eldritch looking horror that is Ceto, the Mother of Monsters.

To make up for this, here is April’s outstanding Batwoman #19 cover for your enjoyment.

Okay, that will do it for this week.

What are you reading?

1 thought on “Superheroes Old And New Plus One Emily Strange, New Comics 1-30-2013”

  1. Yo! Earth 2 got a nice touch, huh? Alternative universes are an interesting issue. For me, is better than starting the stories all over again, reseting button like! Good one from DC!

    Wow, Superior Spider Man? Hmmmm… Seems cool, too! No more “good guy” Peter? I remember when he got united to the black suit, and got a little bit different. It was cool, but this is a whole new sight to it. Again, good one, from Marvel!

    Which is Mara´s superpower? Did not read the first comic to see. Afterall, none of those issues are found here in Brazil, at least, not now… =/ It will be interesting to see what happens next. Will people love it, or refuse to believe? Nice mistery!

    Kraken´s cursed guitar… Hmmm… I believe the story won´t end when Emily gets it for herself, right? Interesting, as in Mara´s series, to begin a story with no superpowers of any sort. Well, we don´t know for the guitar itself yet, or what is the curse bounded to it. But it gets a cool look into a person who wants someting really, really hard, and will do things (not correct ones, I suppose) to get it. Cool, as it may show that not everybody is a completelly good person. Am I correct?

    As for my reading, I got “Tales from the Cantina” from Star Wars. Really interesting, there are a dozen of stories of the characters that appears into the Cantina in Tatooine. From bounty hunters to the band! Good pick, for startes on the Star Wars universe!

    See ya, buddy!

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