NYCC Recap – RedBubble iPhone and iPad Cases

RedBubble at New York Comic Con via RedBubble Blog

While at this year’s New York Comic Con, the Noisecast made a stop over at Redbubble’s booth to see what the online retailer was cooking up. Among the cool t-shirt and poster designs, we were pleasantly surprised by their line of iPhone and iPad cases. As can be expected of Redbubble and their +9000 designs currently offered, both the iPhone and iPad line of cases offer something for anyone’s taste – whether you’re into photography or pop culture, chances are there’s a design that will speak to you.

But we’re not a bunch to be satisfied with form over function (no, you’re not allowed to make a crack about using an iPhone or iPad; we’re not getting into that debate again); sure the cases look cool but how do they hold up in  your daily life. Redbubble provided the iPhone case, we provide the review.

The “Hands of Creation” design in the case we got literally jumps of the stark white background and draws as much attention as the iconic phone would without a case. It’s a flashy design for sure (it is a stylized peacock after all) but it’s above all, a very well crafted case. The case itself is molded plastic cover that snaps into place offering a layer of protection to the rear glass of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. These cases by Uncommon are comparable with cases made by other manufacturers like Speck or inCase, but what sets them apart is, again, Redbubble’s partnership with artists to provide designs that are as unique as the buyer’s personality. Besides, if your case can’t start up small talk with strangers it’s probably because it looks just like every other case out there.

At NYCC we got a chance to take a sneak peak at their iPad cases though as of this writing they are not yet available for purchase. We look forward to checking some of those out in the near future.

The iPhone 4(S) cases retail at around $35, again very comparable to cases by Speck, though they vary by individual artists’ pricing. Redbubble’s typical pricing includes a base price per item plus 20% for the artist’s work. Check out some images in our gallery below and if you’d like your own “Hands of Creation” case hit this link.

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