Apple has a size problem

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Tawnie is a girl geek that has been obsessed with technology since 1982. When not obsessing over technology she is raising a future engineer and wrangling cats in her basement. Expect to see more from her soon.

The iPhone 5 was announced today but they have a design problem, it’s too big. Yes, that’s what she said. It’s true in this case as many women will not have space for it in this season’s handbag styles. Small is in and they won’t accommodate such a large phone.

Good luck getting that phone in there.

The average woman is trying to fit lipstick, lipgloss, her ID, Bank cards, and hand sanitizer into that Marc Jacobs bag . Once she tries to fit her essentials ,plus a larger phone, something will have to go. The sacrifice will be the new iPhone. Women will not sacrifice fashion, they will not sacrifice the basic things they need inside of their purse, but they will purchase a phone that will fit the size they need.

More women should have been in the design meetings but the majority of the design team are reportedly men. We need more women engineers at Apple and more women engineers in general.

Tawnie not only opened up her heart and mind to us, she even let us look inside her purse

Women account for 85% of all purchases in the United States including technology. If they had more input from women engineers then the 2012 and 2013 fashion trends may have been considered. Apple is going to realize this when women pick up another phone over the iPhone 5 this season. If the phone does not fit in a handbag then it will not fit in our lives.

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