Apple ruling affecting Android resale market

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It’s pretty widely known that the impact from the decision in last week’s Apple vs. Samsung ruling would create lots of uncertainty from current owners of Android devices. Now a report from MarketWatch has confirmed that current owners of Samsung smartphones are looking to leave the manufacturer and are putting up their devices for resale.’s quote for a “Like New” Galaxy SIII

Android phones in general have had historically poor resale value, the court decision appears to have compounded that as the resale value for Samsung products appears to have taken a 10% hit as the devices flood Even their latest, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, appears to have taken a hit in resale value dipping down to less than $260 ([edit: fat fingered that. Sorry.]by comparison, a 16GB iPhone 4S goes for around $300).

Though we won’t jump to conclusions and say that this spells the end for the Galaxy line of devices, it does bring to focus the immediate effects of the controversial ruling. So if you’re thinking about selling that old Galaxy device of yours, maybe you should look into holding on to it a bit longer (or you know, donating it to a charitable organization).

Source: MarketWatch

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