Turtle Power!

With the recent news that a certain Michael Bay will be putting his own stamp on Turtle lore, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the most recent movie.

Back in 2007, there came a new movie in the Turtle franchise, following 1993’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (They go back in time; it wasn’t pretty).  The catch here is that this time the film was CGI.  An interesting choice this was.  I thought it was a GREAT choice.  It reminded me a bit of the cartoon show (of which I was a big fan).  I thought the graphics looked great then, and as I watch it now, they hold up very well for being five years old.

But it was not just the return of the Turtles that got me all excited for this movie.  It was the voice cast.  Oh my, the voice cast.  I have no idea who the voices of the Turtles are, but let’s discuss the supporting cast.

I’ll lead off with the big one.  Sir Patrick Stewart (he played a Captain in something).  Sir Patrick plays the main villain of the movie, Max Winters (aka Yaotl).  That’s right, no Shredder.  It seems this movie does (sort of) follow the previous three, and Shredder has been defeated.

Next up, we have Sarah Michelle Gellar (you might know her as Buffy) as April O’Neil.  Chris Evans (yup, Captain America and Johnny Storm himself) plays Casey Jones.

Others of note:

  • Laurence Fisburne as Narrator
  • Kevin Smith as Diner Cook
  • Frank Welker
  • Mako as Master Splinter

To the plot!

The Turtles have broken up.  Leonardo is in South America on a journey of learning.  Donatello is your typical frustrated IT support guy.  Michelangelo is tearing it up as a kids party entertainer (see Ghostbusters II for an example of washed up saviors of the city performing for kids).  And Raphael.  Well, he’s being all broody and vigilante as the Nightwacher. April O’Neil  and Casey Jones are now working for Max Winters, wandering the globe collecting some very specific statues.

I interrupt this commentary to note that I never realized how much April looks like the Bride from Kill Bill during the final battle.

Background on Max Winters:  Thousands of years ago, he tried to take over the wold by opening a parallel dimension.  Short form – he failed, and it turned his generals into stone statues and made him immortal.  See where this is going? So, the Turtles experience their growing pains as they come together to defeat Max… but not in quite the way you would think.  We also have remains of the Foot Clan wandering around working for Max.

I really liked this movie.  I have fond memories of the Turtles as I grew up.  Had some of the toys (hell, probably still do somewhere).  This is on the list of movies that I can’t wait to show my son as he grows up.  I’m very curious about what Michael Bay’s take on the franchise will be.  Personally, as long as the movie entertains me, I’ll be happy.  So in that respect, this film takes the cake….er pizza.

I give it 5/7 pizza boxes


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