SkyDrive now a desktop app for Windows and Mac

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In our never-ending quest to find the perfect cloud storage solution, Microsoft’s SkyDrive is officially a desktop app for Windows and Mac. The free app went live this morning and will provide a native desktop interface for those files you have to access everywhere, for a price.

Yes, I said it’s a free app, but it will cost you. Before today, if you had a Live account you could have netted a cool 25GBs of cloud storage with SkyDrive. Today, Microsoft not only announced the inevitable release of their desktop app but also the new limitations – 7GB of free storage. Sure for the vast majority of people, 7GB will be more than enough but that’s a big step back in terms of what was available just a day ago (editor’s note: It looks like my account has gone from a 25GB account to a 7GB account).

In either case, we’ll reserve our opinions on the app itself until we get a chance to kick the tires a bit.

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7 thoughts on “SkyDrive now a desktop app for Windows and Mac”

  1. I don’t know about you, but I was offered a free upgrade for “long-timers” to 25GB, “forever”.

    1. I was too. It seems that it’s a way to get previous users their space back, but stop new users from getting the full 25GB, which is excellent marketing strategy, right?

      1. Right. But let’s be honest, €8 a year for an extra 20GB (€10/50GB; €37/100GB) is really cheap storage. Tops everything I know of.

        1. Absolutely, the free option will fit most needs, the additional $10-$50 will satisfy the needs of everyone else on the cheap. Now we just have to wait and see what’s Google’s pricing.

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