Lumia 900 spotted sporting Magenta

Website describes color as “Fuchsian Red”, SKU suggests Magenta

The above was a screen shot taken from a Finnish electronics store, Gigantti, advertising pre-orders for a “Fuchsia Red” Nokia Lumia 900. According to the Finnish retailer, the phone was expected to ship in May.

If you notice the use of the past-tense in our lede, that’s because this morning it appears that you can search for (and find) the new shade of Lumia, but clicking the link redirects to a “missing product” page. Although the site described the phone as “fuchsia,” the SKU (LUMIA900MA) suggests a “magenta” designation. Could this be a clue to future multi-carrier availability for the Lumia 900?

We reached out to reps at Nokia and T-Mobile (it is the magenta brand after all)  to find out if there were any plans to announce or sell a new color for the Lumia 900 in the U.S. and if it will be available as a carrier exclusive. So far we haven’t gotten a response, but noticed how quickly the original site has taken down their pre-order page.

Maybe Gigantii was trying to pull a fast one, maybe Nokia Europe has no plans to ship the magenta 900, or maybe we’re getting a sneak peak at what a T-Mobile branded Lumia 900 would look like; either way, we’d like to hope that T-Mo would begin to offer a truly high-end Windows Phone experience.

Source: Gigantti

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