NetZero will bring 4G for free!

Remember NetZero; the company during the dotcom era that provided free dial-up internet service (yes, I’m old) to cheap/broke computer users of yester-year? Well they’re back and offering mobile 4G service starting at the very low price of FREE. Yeah, that’s no typo, free mobile 4G in either USB stick or Hotspot form.

Here’s how it works, you buy either NetZero’s USB 4G stick or one of their Hotspots and choose the plan you want – from a 200MB per month “Free” plan up to a 4GB per month $50 plan. Now “Free” comes at a price (yeah doesn’t sound so free any more), aside from the very small 200MB per month cap, you can only use their Free service for 1 year. I guess they can’t give away the store for free, but if you’re just looking for an additional way to check your mail on the go, the Free plan isn’t such a bad idea.

Check the source link below if you’re looking for some cheap/free (though limited) mobile 4G.

Sources: BGR, NetZero

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