DataSift/Twitter selling your old tweets wholesale

Your stats for sale

After you post that highly enlightened, thoughtful, game changing prose on twitter; what happens to those bits and bytes after you’ve moved on to the next topic? Do these monumental testaments to our collective knowledge simply disappear into the ether? Apparently they’re repackaged and sold by Twitter through data-collector, DataSift.

DataSift is not the first company to aggregate your social media updates, but it is the first to have license to collect data as old as ye-olde tweets from 2 years ago. For you and me this data doesn’t mean too much (excepting privacy matters of course), but for a marketer however, there’s gold in those mundane tweets. DataSift positions themselves as the only social media aggregator with scalability options – making it totally feasible to cross-reference trends on twitter with the announcement of a product ‘x’.

Now that privacy issue we mentioned; yeah it sounds questionable but for what it’s worth, if you delete a post from Twitter, it’s deleted from DataSwift’s servers. Which is just slightly better than Facebook/Google.

Let us know what you think.

Source: Mashable

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