Photoshop CS6 brings you “Content Aware Move”

Listen up photo editors and meme creators, Adobe’s Photoshop team is here to wow us with a new tool – “Content Aware Move.” Like the extremely impressive Content Aware Fill tool that was introduced in CS5, Content Aware Move works on a similar premise: easily move an element from a picture and move it into another area of the picture without masks or selections. In English, drag-and-drop re-composition of your images.

Aside from just re-centering a subject or moving an object, Content Aware Move also allows you to select and alter the image like extending the roof of building (as shown in the video above). The latest tweaks to the Content Aware tools in CS6 are definitely something to get excited about; let’s just hope you’ll do something a little more advanced than a “What People Think I Do” meme.

Source: PetaPixel

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